Tuesday, 11 April 2017

First Play with Tim Holtz Stamping Platform

Ok! I have stamped for more years than I'll admit to.
It is what first got me into paper-crafting many moons ago.
When people complained that stamping was hard, I never quite understood.
Yeh I'd botched a card putting the sentiment on squint or hadn't stamped it perfectly 
(engage swear words)
I'd even ruined a piece of card with not getting the image completely perfect, lined it up wrong or put a lovely dirty ink mark where it wasn't wanted. And sometimes even for a crafter you don't want a butterfly on every project
Heck, looking at all of the above, stamping can be a blooming right hit and miss.
So when my favourite company Tonic teamed up with Tim Holtz (all stand for Sir Tim)
to create the Stamping platform I sat up like a Meercat and paid attention.
Well! it arrived on Saturday.
So I'm impressed with the build of it, very well made, a good weight.
One gripe. It only comes with 2 magnets. I knew this when I ordered it. There was an option to buy more but I did think this would be for people losing them and 2 would do the job. However most of the cards I have been testing this on were 7 inches square so a few more magnets are needed to secure the card down especial after you've stamped the image and open the lid back up. You don't want the card to move. (more now ordered from ebay)

On the card below I stamped the image, which stamped great but I did think (I wish that was a bit blacker) think my ink pad is needing replaced.
I re-inked the stamp and stamped again and because everything is in the exact same position the image stamps perfectly on top of the first.
Placement of the sentiment is also much easier. You can line up and get right and no need for a steady hand.
All in all I really like it.
I have one stamp which is a Polymer Silhouette stamp giving me a bit of a hard time. I have used various stamps. At this point all polymer. I have yet to try out unmounted rubber like the Sheena Douglass ones so will report on how those perform.
Below is the simple card I made on the first trial of the platform.
Stamps used are Visible Image Face It set & sentiments are also from a pack from Visible image

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