Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Few More For Charity

Got a few Grand Nestibilities to play with as I wanted to do my own scalloped cards and had my eye on them for a wee while. Anyway managed another few cards for the Charity pile. I am trying to make them quick, easy and not too complicated but hopefully ones that look good enough to sell. As they are for Charity I don't want to spend an hr a card as I would like to get as many made in the spare time I have because I know that they won't expect the customers to pay loads for them. So with that in mind I prefer to make a quality but also in quantity. Hope that makes sense.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Elephants made it onto some cards

Here are some cards I have made from the stamped elephants. These are part of some batch cards that I will be donating to charity. Very pleased I managed 6 in one afternoon. I know they aren't the most intriate cards but hopefully they will be able to sell to raise money. Will do more when I get some more free time.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Elephants for some Charity Cards

Here are some of the Elephants I stamped and had a wee play with my new fleximarkers. Going to be doing some batch card making for Charity cards. I have had these stamps for ages so thought I would use them.
The next step is to make them into cards. I was going to do that tonight but kind of ran out of steam and time.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

2 Weeks into the new year already

Can't believe where the time goes. I have made a resolution this year to batch card make and once I have 50 or so send them to CHAS to help raise funds. For those not familiar with CHAS click here for the link. I feel with the amount of stash that I have, I really should be using it to help others. Anyway that is the plan, now I just need to get the time and be a bit disciplined about how I go about it.
On a business note, another new disk is finished but not yet on the website. It is called Bubbles and Squeak and it is using exclusive artwork from an artist called Gabry. I used her artwork for the Pixies CD and the Christmas and Chips one. The disks are away and with the wonderful ladies who design cards for me, they again are working their creative magic on it, so keep your eyes peeled for what they come up with.
Don't worry if cute isn't your thing as there are other CDs around the corner, the next one is on a different Genre altogether and as we speak I have a fab artist who has drawn some wonderful images, all that I will say is, it will cover the boys and men who are still boys at heart (them all then)
Lastly just thought I's share a picture of what I have cut out on the Grand Callibur using Nellie Snellin dies and suede. Quite pleased how it has turned out and as I have 3 huge coxes of the stuff to play with, delighted, have a look.