Thursday, 27 October 2011

What a Hoot Owl for MIL

My Mother In Law will be 70 on the 1st November but they are going away for a wee holiday to celebrate. Was wondering what kind of card to do for her, but my hubby asked if I could do her one of my owls from the What a Hoot disk as an easel. This has been a very popular disk as have the easel cards when we have done the Hobbycraft shows etc. Every time I make one of these it is like giving away one of my little babies lol (may be a slight exageration) Oh and the reason my hubby knows about the cards lol he has done loads of shows with me where people have cooed over them.
The disk this came from is called What a Hoot available from our website priced a £6.99 it is a steal!!!

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Pumpy said...

Love this Owl.