Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New CD Christmas & Chips is now finished

Phew, when did life get so busy? Hmm think it has always been so! Anyway, the new disk Christmas & Chips is now finished and should be available on the website at the begining of next week.
This one seems to have taken me a wee bit longer but I have more on and had a wee Designing break, after all we have had some great New CDs out this year.
Please note this disk will be cheaper than it listed on the website (at the present moment), just had to enter that so it showed up as coming soon on the website and the listing got complicated due to the Massive sale on the website at the moment. (or maybe I am not clever enough to work it out)


Sheen said...

Hi Pamela, looks like this will be another success story for you. Despite the marketplace being flooded with CDs, you always manage to create something different and very special. You know I'm a mahoosive fan! Good luck with it x

Pamela said...

Agree with loads of CDs being out there Sheenagh, but have to say not all craft CDs are equal and not everone who is designing them seem to have proper knowledge about image quality, resolution, pixels etc, which is a shame. People may buy a CD with poor quality images and think that all CDs are the same. i have seen and bought some stinkers and it surprises me what some people will think is acceptable. Anyway ramble over with