Saturday, 3 September 2011

Create and Craft! Get a Grip!!!!

Right! I am not in the habbit of slagging off businesses as it isn't the way that I roll, so to speak, but this takes the biscuit and it bugged me so much I need to vent my anger and frustration.
Today I got called from Create and Craft. He said his name was Gary or something. He said Mrs Harley, you have been selected as a former loyal Customer of Create and Craft to recieve £100 of free goods from Create and Craft, and all that you would be asked to pay would be £2.99 p&p.
My reply was "yes, really" followed by silence. As I don't believe for a minute that a company just send me £100 worth of goods without a catch. After all, I hadn't entered a competition. Then in a round about way he told me that should I not like the goods I could keep them, and all I had to do was contact them within 21 days to tell them, if I failed to do so I would be charged £49.99, for that I get to keep the goods and become a member of a Create and Craft exclusive club.
Now here is my grip!!! I was sitting in my house, they called me, and it is worded in such a round about way I had to state the obvious to make sure I was not confused as to what was going on.
When I said no! I am not interested he started trying to talk over me, when I interjected and said listen to me about 3 times and started to explain, I have a busy life and don't like the thought of being sent goods which are being marketed as a free gift, then having to call to say I didn't want them within a set period otherwise I would be charged, he hung up.
As both a former customer and supplier to Create and Craft, I am disgusted at these antics. A very devious way to conduct business and surely they are doing well enough without conning unaware people into taking on a £50 membership.
How many people would just think, woohoo!! I have won something then get money taken out of their account because they didn't fully understand what was going on???
I am not impressed at all. This has left a very bad taste in my mouth, so please be aware if you get one of these calls.


CheerDown said...

Thanks for alerting us to this

janwhitby2003 said...

it might not be create and craft hun just some person saying they are have u phoned c&C to see if it is a offer (crap one ) they are doing

Gill McCall said...

OMG whatever next.

Alison said...

Thanks for the warning Pam sounds very dubious. x

Linda said...

This is BAD, thanks for letting us know.

Doodles said...

For goodness sake no wonder your annoyed Pamela i'd be too terrible unhand methods to get quick money hope no elderly people who can ill afford £50 get diddled in this way. Personally id call trading standards and alert them x best wishes Sharon

jackid said...

I had a similar experience with them a while ago not with a free gift but basically demanding me to rejoin the club when I said no way the lady I was speaking to (shirley) yeah right and when I said no way would I be rejoining she wanted to know why and was quite rude I told her in no misunderstanding way that the club was a pile of c#&* and with that she put the phone down on me how dare they. I only popped on to say hello as you are Gill's hop line up now look what you started lol
Jacki xx