Saturday, 3 September 2011

Create and Craft! Get a Grip!!!!

Right! I am not in the habbit of slagging off businesses as it isn't the way that I roll, so to speak, but this takes the biscuit and it bugged me so much I need to vent my anger and frustration.
Today I got called from Create and Craft. He said his name was Gary or something. He said Mrs Harley, you have been selected as a former loyal Customer of Create and Craft to recieve £100 of free goods from Create and Craft, and all that you would be asked to pay would be £2.99 p&p.
My reply was "yes, really" followed by silence. As I don't believe for a minute that a company just send me £100 worth of goods without a catch. After all, I hadn't entered a competition. Then in a round about way he told me that should I not like the goods I could keep them, and all I had to do was contact them within 21 days to tell them, if I failed to do so I would be charged £49.99, for that I get to keep the goods and become a member of a Create and Craft exclusive club.
Now here is my grip!!! I was sitting in my house, they called me, and it is worded in such a round about way I had to state the obvious to make sure I was not confused as to what was going on.
When I said no! I am not interested he started trying to talk over me, when I interjected and said listen to me about 3 times and started to explain, I have a busy life and don't like the thought of being sent goods which are being marketed as a free gift, then having to call to say I didn't want them within a set period otherwise I would be charged, he hung up.
As both a former customer and supplier to Create and Craft, I am disgusted at these antics. A very devious way to conduct business and surely they are doing well enough without conning unaware people into taking on a £50 membership.
How many people would just think, woohoo!! I have won something then get money taken out of their account because they didn't fully understand what was going on???
I am not impressed at all. This has left a very bad taste in my mouth, so please be aware if you get one of these calls.