Friday, 10 June 2011

A wee bit of foiling for 65th Anniversary

My Mother in Law was hinting about not being able to find a 65th Wedding Anniversary card for a couple she knows. So I said I would put something together for her.
A few weeks ago I bought a cheap laminator from Asda for £13 after I was tempted to buy a foil-it machine, however I couldn't justify the £150 price tag as I knew I wouldn't use it heaps, alright if you are doing invites etc for a wee business.
So after seeing toner foil and a video on I thought I would give it a try. Nothing to lose! I have an 8 year son so if it didn't work we could always make use of the laminator.
I must admit I am pretty pleased with how it works. Basically you need to print out your image on a laser printer or photocopier as the foil fuses to the toner (won't work on inkjet print) Let the laminator heat up, place a piece of foil shiny side up, cover with a sheet of paper then put through the laminator.
On the card below I used 250 gsm perilised card, once foiled I cut with a nestie, then larger shape in dark card. I used one of the flowers from our Fabulous Flowers CD available from our website I also printed the insert from the CD with a verse and foiled the verse only. Finished with ribbon and some Sapphire gems.
The picture may not show too well but the foil turns out lovely and silver. The result, my mother in law is very happy.


Pumpy said...

This card is beautiful, interesrted in the laminator, and the foil, but I have an ink jet printer so will have to give it a miss. xxxx

Pamela said...

I must admit glad I never went the full hog and bought the £150 machine but it is fun to know I can add a touch of foiling when and if i want to without it costing a fortune. Plus the laminator has come in really handy lol x