Friday, 24 June 2011

Mahoosive thanks to Gill McCall

Any of you who knows Gill will know how incredibly busy she is but she is always there offering a helping hand. So I would like to say a massive thanks to Gill for taking the time in her very busy life for doing these lovely samples for me. Originally it was samples of the Alpha Bears Stamps she was doing but surprised me with Baby Boom samples too. She always goes that extra mile and I so much appreciated it. Even more so as she has recently had surgery and is recovering. So Gill Thanks a million and I hope you know how much your work, time and talent is appreciated.
Samples made using
Alpha Bear polymer stamps priced at £2.00 each
Baby Boom Craft CD Rom
both from
For Gills Blog click here

Thursday, 23 June 2011

300 Fan Page amazing 8 Disk Giveaway

We have nearly 600 friends on our facebook page but we have set up a fan page to keep you up to date with news, offers and giveaways from Crafty Catz. We are trying to reach 300 members and when we do we are giving away 8 of our CD roms. If you haven't used them before they are easy to use, all menu driven, nothing to install, Click, Print and craft. We have kids right through to crafters in their 80s using our disks they are so easy to use.
So if you aren't a fan of our facebook page go to it an like but if you are why not recommend to your friends for them to like. Once we reach our 300 fans mark, the prize gets given away and we will do another. You don't get much for free these days do you?
Click here to go to our fan page and like remember tell your friends.
See picture below for what you can win

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Yoshi Fan Card

My sons friend is mad on Mario and loves the character Yoshi so had to try to make a card that he would like. Last year i did a Mario Galaxy card and he loved it. So here is the one I did for him. I think he will like it.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Another 2 Bear samples

I was on a roll today getting these samples done, but by the last I ran out of steam and the mess was getting on my nerves. I have stuff everywhere when I am crafting.

Alpha Bear Stamps and Paper Store Papers

I needed to get some samples done with the Alpha Bears stamps which we do. We used to do the 10 bears and sentiments and numbers on the 1 sheet but were asked if we could do them individually. We listened and re-packaged they are now available for £2 each, terrific value as they are polymer. Anyway we have a show in Birmingham this weekend and because I am doing it myself with my wee boy I won't be taking grid panelling etc so thought I'd better do some samples to site on the tables next to each box. Gill McCall has a set and is doing samples as we speak, hers will be way better as I really didn't spend much time on these. All the backing papers used were from our The Paper Store CD distressed edition.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Donna Marie Rowlands Guest Designer

I have wonderful sample makers who come up trumps for me time and time again. I am alway very grateful to the time and effort they put into their samples. This time I thought I would ask a lovely lady called Donna Marie Rowlands if she could be a guest designer and come up with some samples for me using our newest disk Baby Boom. I think you will agree, she did a fantastic job. I adore the fact that she has taken it further than cardmaking and the samples of the baby, vest, pj's and bag are just my cup of tea.
Fabulous job Donna. I don't think you will be staying a guest for long, well unless someone else snaffles you up!
To see other samples made by the Crafty Catz Design Team click here

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Baby Boom Disk

Well silly me. I said this would be available soon, announced on facebook, newsletter and we had it at the Artstamp Show in Edinburgh but I never posted her. Shhh I am sure I did but think blogger is playing silly beggars.
Anyway the Baby Boom disk is out now and available for £9.99 on our website I has been going down a storm.

Excalibur Show Birmingham 18th June

We are proud to say we will be at the Motorcycle Museum Birmingham on Saturday 18th June for the Excalibur Craft show. This is the first one of their shows we have done so fingers crossed it will be a good one. Another first is I am doing this show on my own, well Adam my 8 year old will be with me so if any of my Facebook friends or customers pop by if you see me crossed legged please take the hint and mind things for a minute lol.
Kidding aside look forward to seing you there.
Pamela xxx

National Motorcycle Museum
Address: Coventry Road, Bickenhill, B92 0EJ, Birmingham

Friday, 10 June 2011

A wee bit of foiling for 65th Anniversary

My Mother in Law was hinting about not being able to find a 65th Wedding Anniversary card for a couple she knows. So I said I would put something together for her.
A few weeks ago I bought a cheap laminator from Asda for £13 after I was tempted to buy a foil-it machine, however I couldn't justify the £150 price tag as I knew I wouldn't use it heaps, alright if you are doing invites etc for a wee business.
So after seeing toner foil and a video on I thought I would give it a try. Nothing to lose! I have an 8 year son so if it didn't work we could always make use of the laminator.
I must admit I am pretty pleased with how it works. Basically you need to print out your image on a laser printer or photocopier as the foil fuses to the toner (won't work on inkjet print) Let the laminator heat up, place a piece of foil shiny side up, cover with a sheet of paper then put through the laminator.
On the card below I used 250 gsm perilised card, once foiled I cut with a nestie, then larger shape in dark card. I used one of the flowers from our Fabulous Flowers CD available from our website I also printed the insert from the CD with a verse and foiled the verse only. Finished with ribbon and some Sapphire gems.
The picture may not show too well but the foil turns out lovely and silver. The result, my mother in law is very happy.