Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Manchester Show Done!!

Well Manchester show done. The organisers had changed the show days to Thursday-Saturday as opposed to the following years Friday to Sunday. There were a lot of people not too pleased about it. With the result it was pretty quiet on Thursday and Friday but busy on Saturday. The roads in Manchester were very busy and some a bit confusing even with Sat Nav lol. Anyway I met loads of people and had a laugh. Booked for Doncaster in July so looking forward to that. I was very good and only came away with a little craft iron, it is so cute, it's to use with my stamps and fibers. I did a few while down there but never had a Stayzon inpad with me and I have a few so wasn't going to buy more lol willpower or tight???
I wanted the hot foil pen, well it looked like a soldering iron it was £45 the same man was selling a £90 model in Birmingham in October last year but this is apparently the resession model. I was all set to get one but a few people said they had it and couldn't work it. Later I was asking Cath and Babs about it as I knew they had one, they said it was brilliant aggrr by that time we were all packing away so there wasn't the chance to buy. Oh well saved £45!!! But oh I want it!!!!

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