Sunday, 30 January 2011

Owl Easel Card Using What a Hoot CD Rom by Crafty Catz priced £6.99
Original artwork by Pamela Harley of Crafty Catz
Original Easel card idea thanks to Gill McCall

1.        Print out the largest white owl (A4 sized one) twice. Before cutting the images out, cut a strip off the top of 2 cards each card at 5.5cm wide. This will be used as a hinge to form the easel part of the card. Glue these stips together and leave to dry. I prefer wet glue or pinflair glue gel as I know it won’t start to peel apart.
2.        Glue the 2 front parts together with the owl facing up the way. With one of the rear images facing up use double sided tape and attach the 21cm long x 5.5cm wide strip, centre it between the owls ears, go in about 4 cm to make sure that it won’t come free. Then using wet glue place the second rear image facing up directly on top to cover the workings and give a nice firm base.
3.        Once dry score the stip with an embossing tool where it comes out of the head and fold forwards towards the owls tail, use a bone folder to give a nice crisp fold. Then score 8cm from the top of the owls head and fold up towards the owls head. Line up the top owl with the bottom. You will see that about 3cm needs to be cut off from the strip so it doesn’t poke out from the owls head once stuck together.
4.        Use some double sided tape or wet glue, place on the strip (hinge) and join the front of the owl (facing up). The easel part is now complete.
5.        Print out a page of sentiments or use the blank ones to put in your own greeting. Cut one out and mat and layer onto some cardstock. This will be used as the stopper to keep the easel sitting up. See how far up you want the owl to sit, put some foam tape or foam pads on the sentiment to give a bit of height. Before sticking the sentiment down add a few colourful feathers to the area so they stick out from below the sentiment. Then stick the sentiment on.
6.        Cut just the front sheet of the large owl & cut out the wings and from the eyes down to the tummy (optional). Stick the wings on using glue gel or foam pads. Then take a few feathers and stick them to the back of the panel with the eyes and tummy to look as if they are coming out from the owls ear area. Then stick this panel to the front of the owl. Add some gems and add glossy accents to the painted toe nails, flowers and eye highlights. Finish off with a glue pen and some fine glitter to the eyelashes and hearts on the chest. Pop a little bow onto the sentiment.
·         Crafty Catz – What a Hoot CD Rom or Owl Topper Sheet back/front images
·         Card stock
·         Double sided tape
·         Glue/Glue Gel
·         Gems
·         Glitter
·         Glossy Accents
·         Feathers
·         A piece of ribbon

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Gill McCall said...

I love your take on my owl easel creation.