Thursday, 27 January 2011

Alpha Bears Stamp Card

Phew what a morning. Well my grand stamping time has turned into 1 card so far. Lost the plates from my Grand Callibur, they were in a safe place, in fact the first place I looked just in between card and paper. It did take me the best part of 20mins to find, blind panic was setting in though as I thought that somehow I had thrown them out. Can you image??? I would not have been happy.
Anyway here is one of the Alpha Bears stamped. I seem to have a green thing going on, not sure why don't normally care for it.
Had to add a few more buttons as I was trying to be smart and just cut free hand for matting and layering, hmm will be using the big cutting machine next time lol

1 comment:

Doodles said...

Hi Pamela, Your card is beautiful i love the alpha bear x